I was pleased to learn that I need to change the cleaning device on my hearing aids once a month. No one had ever told me about this. I have a difficult time changing it, but will work at it now that I know I need to. Also, Dr. Dunn cleaned my ears from wax buildup of which I was not aware. She also gave me a recipe to use regularly to prevent the wax buildup. I am thankful for the yearly checkup because I had begun to think my hearing aids weren't working very well. Hopefully, now that they, and my ears, are cleaned out, I will hear better.
Hazel Ramsbotham, on Google
Joann Dunne is a consummate professional. She had not seen me in 5 years time and treated me as though I had never left. She performed the necessary tests to provide an accurate update of my current state of hearing. She explained why my hearing had declined and emphasized that wearing my aids would have improved the overall outcome. You best believe I’ll be wearing them daily. I was pleased to learn that my hearing would improve, the more I wore the aids. My overall health has gone up and down in the last 5 years, so, I was happy to see someone,who hasn’t seen me in a while, be positive that things will improve with my hearing. She cleaned and adjusted my aids, ran some tests and set a Followup. It was a pleasant visit.
becky hudson, on Google
Noreen, was so patient with me. I left hearing much better, she clean my hearing aid, Thank You, Moreen.
calvin bolding, on Google
Joann is efficient and knowledgeable. Very helpful. Listens well
Melinda and bob walker, on Google
My husband and I went to Affordable Hearing Centers in Aurora and we loved it! JoAnn Dunn is the best, she helped my husband with hearing aids and he actually wears them. We highly recommend JoAnn! She took the time to explain everything in detail. We have been to other hearing places and were not at all impressed.
Pamela Braun, on Google

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