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Finding out you have hearing loss can be overwhelming. If you’ve recently received a professional hearing loss diagnosis, you’re probably curious about what comes next. Well, first things first, your hearing specialist will likely recommend hearing aids. And when it comes to choosing the right hearing aids, there’s a lot to consider and even more to understand. Thankfully, you’re not alone. Your hearing aid fitting will be a collaborative effort between you and your hearing specialist. 

black american hearing specialist gets to know his new patient with recently diagnosed hearing loss

Get to know you 

At the very start of your hearing aid consultation, your specialist will ask you a series of questions designed to get to know your current hearing and lifestyle. After all, two people may have the same hearing loss, but their individual lifestyles may change how that loss impacts their lives. Getting to know your hearing needs and expectations will help them recommend the best hearing aid style. 

Next, they’ll go over the results of your comprehensive hearing test and how the results relate to the hearing issues you’ve expressed. Together, you both will identify which sounds and in what listening environments you have the most difficulty.  

Based on the results of your test, your hearing specialist will determine if you need hearing aids for just one ear or both, and what features your hearing aids will require. 

american hearing aid specialist goes over the results of their patient's hearing test

After discussing your loss, the difficulties it creates for you and your lifestyle, your hearing specialist will make a recommendation for a treatment plan that includes the hearing aid style and technology that best meets your needs.   

Treating hearing loss can be an investment and significantly affect the quality of your life. Your hearing specialist will take your financial situation into consideration when creating a treatment plan. Your treatment plan will only meet your hearing needs, but also respect your budgetary ones as well. 

Next steps

Once you’ve decided on a treatment plan, your specialist will submit an order to the manufacturer. Depending on the style of hearing aid, they may also take an impression of your ears, so your instruments fit perfectly.  

You should expect several follow-up appointments following your initial hearing aid fitting. These follow-ups with your provider will help you adapt to wearing your new instruments. And don’t worry. These follow-up appointments are included in your treatment plan. They’re also a great way to ensure your success in hearing as well as you should be with your new hearing aids.

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